Clinton Liebrary Book 2001 Edition 

The Clinton Liebrary Book 2001 Edition is currently out of print, but a new printing will commence in response to sufficient demand.  In light of recent reports (September, 2012) of a soon-to-be-forthcoming "tell-all" book by Monica Lewinski, the Clinton Liebrary Book 2001 Edition will serve as an important historical companion-book, the contents of which were authored during the unfolding of, and developments in the wake of, the Cinton-Lewinski scandal.  Partly contemporaneous history and partly satire/parody, it will also serve as a collector's item from that era.

We expect to be able to market reprints of the book at $19.95 each.  If you're interested in purchasing one or more, send an email to the stating the quantity you want to purchase.  When demand reaches a commercially feasible level to warrant the reprinting, we will notify you so that you can place your order.

Since the publication of the book, a number of videos have been created that illustrate various aspects of material contained in the book.  Scroll-down further to view such videos.

It also contains a virtual day-by-day account of Campaign 2000 and the transition thereafter written in the rhyme/rhythm format of limerick stanzas for that entire period.


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 Bill Clinton's Greatest Speech:

 Watergate-Nixon-Clinton Deep Throat Mark Felt:


How Presidency Was Stolen From Gore:


 Runaway Bride:

Clinton Pardon McDougal Hubbel -- faster loading:


Clinton Pardon McDougal Hubbel -- higher quality:

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Clinton Pardon McDougal Hubbel" video 

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Clinton Pardon McDougal Hubbel" video 

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Dubya Consults Bubba:



Dueling Memoirs:


2007 Primaries Hot-Line Call to Hillary:

Dueling Memoirs of Bill & Hillary Clinton

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Basic Instinct:  Sharon Stone and Hillary in 2007:


Sharon Stone in HEICO Ad with Hillary in 2008:


Sharon Stone Exposes Support for Hillary in 2008:


2008 When Hillary Ran Against Obama:


2008 Primary Debates-- Hillary, the Big Bad Wolf & Fox:


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2008 When Nancy & Hillary Were at Odds: